The brand Shiro is a brand that is focused on high quality clothing and accessories and has a long tradition with roots settled in the African continent.

In 2003 Massimo Calestrini the designer and business mind behind the now famous brand Shiro decided to use his family’s passion and experience in precious leather to create the Shiro brand we know today. The choice of the name and logo of the brand is closely linked to Africa where the Calestrini family were owners of a crocodile breeding ground and various tanning facilities in Eritrea and Europe from 1852 to the beginning of the 1970. The brands name and logo are too tightly linked to Africa and its magic.

The Shiro is a rare lizard with two tails which, in the tradition of some ancient African tribes, represents a precious good luck charm. Legend is that whoever finds a Shiro will be lucky for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, all this know-how and passion for the rare and exotic is used to create luxurious accessories, from crocodile to ostrich, lizard to mink and sable.

Designed and manufactured on the companies premises of Modena, Florence and Bologna every garment, every accessory is a handmade limited edition.