“It all began in 1958 when Jacques Leonard asked Daniel Tribouillard to start a new company: Leonard Fashion. A man of artistic temperament, Daniel Tribouillard set out to differentiate the brand in Haute Couture.In 1960, he launched a revolutionary new process for printing English weaves, that were very fashionable at the time but said to be “unprintable”.In just a few years, encouraged by the success of his much-loved floral prints, Daniel Tribouillard brought the Leonard brand to the world.He developed his style by adopting the orchid as an emblem: a delicate wild flower “without geometric limits”.

Indeed, Leonard's originality is founded on a unique and recognizable style shared by all of its designs - and also, the fabrics used. Today the brand has over a hundred shops around the world and continues to dress the wives of his silk dresses and orchids.”