A journey started at the end of the 1970s, from the creativity and vision of Rinaldo and from the intuition of his wife Martha, inspired by the need to transform and evolve the concept of jewellery, until then traditional and simply decorative. A journey marked by the passion for a pure, elegant, and simple design and attention to details and craftsmanship, focusing on ergonomics and unique materials that become alive following the lines of the body. Every object is a microcosm of precise planning and artisan ability: the technological aspect is for Gavello an essential component of beauty.

The jewel is not a mere aesthetic and decorative experience; it is beauty that becomes functionality, it is form that adheres to the human body following its movements, almost becoming a part of it.

Moreover, creativity for Gavello is closely linked to spirituality, it is part of the soul, both as a source of inspiration and final creation. Often strong symbols such as crosses as well as unique light combination through coloured stones appear in the collections, as a fusion of design and spiritual inspiration.