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Branded Watches for Men and Ladies in Dubai

Watchmaking is a science and art that demands the highest level of skill and craftsmanship, which can only be perfected over years of rigorous hard work and through traditions passed down to the next generation. With only a few, select pieces available, each timepiece is truly precious and valuable, befitting those with a taste for luxury that cannot be easily replicated, or found, anywhere in the world.

LEVANT takes pride in our prestigious collection of branded watches for men and women, with each timepiece individually and meticulously fashioned by hands, using only parts and components of unsurpassed quality.

Premier collection of branded luxury watches in Dubai for men & women

LEVANT features an exclusive selection of high-end branded men’s and ladies’ watches in Dubai – the perfect statement pieces to stand out from the crowd. Our elegant choices of luxury watches include classic timepieces that draw inspiration from a profound history of watchmaking, such as Sarcar and Korloff, as well as the Edox brand, a world-renowned watchmaker with more than 130 years of experience in horology, or the art of watchmaking.

The LEVANT luxury watch line also showcases innovative watches that challenge and defy the boundaries of modern watchmaking and artistry – from state-of-the-art pieces from Quinting and Bell & Ross to sophisticated designer timepieces from Maurice Lacroix, Montega, and Gaga Milano.

The reflection of refined taste – a branded, high luxury timepiece

Impeccably designed and assembled, the timepieces featured in the LEVANT collection are precise, exquisite, and of superior quality. View our selection of luxury men’s and ladies’ watches, each elaborately and delicately designed to perfection, and own a piece of history, a piece of art.

Visit our LEVANT boutiques and see the evolution of one of the greatest technologies invented by man, as it has transformed today.