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A heightened luxury retail experience from our jewellery shops in Dubai

For the most desired exclusive jewellery, LEVANT is the premier choice in the City of Gold. Featuring a rich and growing collection, our jewellery shops in Dubai house bespoke jewellery hailing from highly recognised designers and respected jewellers across the world.

We offer an enhanced retail experience that caters to customers who have an eye for luxury, fashion, and the exquisite. Our exclusive selection includes branded jewellery by the most renowned names in the industry today, including majestic diamonds and lustrous pearls.

From Italian jewellery houses to German couture brands, we offer our esteemed clients only the most prestigious of choices. To preserve an air of exclusivity, we are extremely discriminating in expanding our jewellery collections, from our gold pieces to our diamonds. Before including a piece of bespoke jewellery in our selection, we carefully consider craftsmanship, quality, and rarity. As such, our customers can expect only the rarest and most desirable branded jewellery at our shops, from finely cut diamond pieces to polished and refined pearl collections.

Scrutinised and handpicked by some of the best jewellers in the city today

As one of the best jewellers in Dubai, we only select diamond jewellery that feature finely cut and adorned diamonds. We are uncompromising when it comes to aesthetic quality, and it is that same passion for perfection that drives us to seek more illustrious brands and pieces. As with other renowned jewellery companies, we uphold the gold standard when selecting our featured choices.

Our flawless collection features every iteration of perfection, designed to accentuate and emphasise an exquisite taste for elegance, carefully curated by our best jewellers in Dubai. Be enchanted by the fascinating convergence of medieval and modern from our Loree Rodkin collection, or find yourself in tune with your spirituality with our bespoke jewellery by Scavia – our offerings will leave you breathless nonetheless.

Gold, diamonds, pearls and everything precious

LEVANT is head and shoulders above other jewellery companies by virtue of its diverse exclusive offerings that are of the highest quality. This exclusive and rarefied air is the distinguishing character that elevates LEVANT and its featured pieces over others.