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Luxury accessories in Dubai for the distinguished eye

LEVANT offers luxe accessories that are designed to elevate and emphasise the aesthetic beauty of any ensemble. We have choices for the sophisticated and sublime, or the edgy and flamboyant. Our rich collection features selections that are designed to stand out and draw attention, as well as pieces that blend in subtly.

The most luxurious accessories for individuals with discriminating tastes

To curate an unrivalled array of luxury accessories in Dubai, LEVANT has partnered with some of the most renowned and recognised names in the world today, bringing our esteemed clientele a wealth of options to choose from.

For those who are not satisfied with commonplace means of communication, we offer an exclusive selection of Lamborghini mobile phones. This select line of mobiles features housing designs that embody the Italian sensibility for fashion and luxury. Adorned with the iconic ‘Raging Bull’, each piece converges cutting-edge technology and impeccable design to create a uniquely iconic product.

Traveling in style is made possible with Tumi, which designs and crafts modern and timeless travel essentials that combine function and aesthetics in perfect harmony. Enjoy the luxury of identifying business and travel luggage with ease, with Tumi’s simplistic yet classical offerings.

Accentuate your dress on gala night with the perfect necklace and bangles combination from Rebecca Accessories. Glamorous and unapologetic, each piece combines elegance, innovation, and boldness that harkens to its vibrant and contemporary roots.

A growing collection of handpicked accessories

Driven by a passion for exquisite aesthetics, LEVANT is continuously growing its line of pedigreed accessories. From bejewelled perfumes that exude a quiet yet confident elegance to finely crafted pens that emanate power and authority, LEVANT aspires to permeate even the most mundane aspects of daily living with luxury accessories that enhance the personal experience.

Live a life that is a cut above the rest, with luxe products that befit royalty. Immerse yourself in retail luxury at LEVANT.